March 6, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to think about the public meeting that was held Tuesday, February 24 at City Hall, Common Council Chambers before I sent this out. I also wanted to watch the news on television about Dash’s reuse plan before I sent this out.

On February 24, at 1 pm in the Common Council Chambers, 11 representatives from our community met to voice our concerns regarding the Reuse plan for Mr. Dash’s building located on Kenmore Avenue. Channel 2 at 5:30 that evening said that a few residents were present. What the TV station did not realize is that this was a cross section of our community. There were black and white people from both sides of Main Street. People ranged in age from 20’s-70’s. There were men and women. Most but not all were retired. People who had to work and seniors who could not stand the cold could not be there. But in a one month period, from December to January, we collected 300 signatures from people who wanted to stop the planned storage facility. These petitions and emails were sent to our councilmen and mayor. These people that were there represented the people who could not come. We could have gotten more signatures and will get them when the weather is more conducive to pounding the pavement.

All 3 local TV stations and the Buffalo News were at this meeting. I thought it was interesting that neither Mr. Dash nor his lawyers were interviewed on camera by any of the TV stations. At this public meeting, one of Mr. Dash’s lawyers said that “once the green code was implemented by the Common Council, Mr. Dash would be able to put a storage facility in as that area would be designated for this use”.

Channel 4 stated the next morning that “Mr. Dash intended to go forward with an application for zoning change”.

This is a high traffic area. The city is investing money in a “Rails to Trails Project” that will link Main and Kenmore Streets for bikes and pedestrians. Kenmore Avenue is being revamped for biking and better driving. How does a storage facility benefit this community? In a negative way, it creates a space for opportunities for drug activities to take place as well as other safety threats like robberies, etc. How many people will feel safe using a bike trail that is very close to a large and lifeless area such as a storage facility? There is the potential for hazardous material to be stored in there, along with sheltering homeless vagrants. This presents a safety hazard to the community.

Is it true that the Green Code will allow this area to be used for a storage facility or that Mr. Dash is indeed now going forward with an application for changing the zoning laws, no matter what the community wants? The City of Buffalo wants to create pedestrian friendly, walkable communities in our city. This storage unit would be less than 100 feet from the Rails to Trails project. How does this facility help make our community a “bikeable” and “walkable” community or help this community to grow? It is not right for City Hall to rezone or support the Green Code if it doesn’t benefit the citizens of this community. Per Mayor Brown “Buffalo is a bikable city which will have over 80 miles of bike lanes by the end of 2015”. Some of this will be located less than 100 feet from a storage facility which will detract from our area and could provide hazards that do not exist right now.

Why is this going to be allowed on Kenmore Avenue in our community? Is it going to be allowed on Hertel Avenue? Is the property on Hertel going to be rezoned to permit storage facilities or will the Green Code allow structures like this on Hertel?
I am a concerned citizen who is sending this to you because I want to keep my community safe. Please feel free to contact me via email ( if you have any questions.



Cassandra Hayes


Heath Street Block Club






Buffalo attorney Chris Hayes of M&T Bank, seen here with fellow panelist Jennifer Kimura

Diversity talk centers on mentoring

Editor’s note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series.

Himself a product of Buffalo City Schools, Chris Hayes says it’s critical for youths to see firsthand an example of the heights they can attain.

As a teenager, he looked up to a friend’s father who worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office and was involved in the Western New York Minority Bar Association. Thanks to that interaction, Hayes decided, “Wow, that’s an impressive person and I want to be like him one day — and I can be like him one day.”

He became an attorney and said that through the Minority Bar, he has had opportunities to visit public schools and to talk to students about his career path.

“A lot of kids here may see lawyers on TV but they have no idea how to get there,” said Hayes, an attorney at M&T Bank. “Then they see you’re a lawyer and assume you did all sorts of Herculean tasks to get there. But when you sit down with them, you can let them know that you are just like them and came from where they are.

“I played football in the local little leagues and went to the same schools. If I did it, you can do it. It’s really just a matter of reaching out and letting them know that.” Outreach programs for undergraduates and law school students help to promote diversity in the legal profession, but initiatives to target youths and make an even earlier impression may be just as important.

Hayes was part of an eight-attorney panel that addressed the state of diversity in the legal scene at an event hosted by Goldberg Segalla law firm. Moderators were the Buffalo Law Journal and Business First.

“I think we’ve done some very important work in terms of going into schools and reaching out to the youth,” he said. “The state of diversity, as it is now, is closely linked to where it is going in the future. We’ve been fortunate enough to have many trailblazers who opened the doors for us. Now it’s a matter of getting people in those doors and making sure there’s a pipeline.”

The sooner you make contact with students, the better — and not only in regard to the legal profession but in other fields such as medicine, architecture and engineering, said Stephanie Saunders, assistant counsel for the Buffalo Board of Education.

“Not everyone is going to be a rocket scientist, but if you have an unlimited expectation for the child and expose them to these things, I think the sky is the limit,” she said. “The earlier we can get into schools to expose them to what law is, I think we’ll get more (diverse) lawyers.”

Working with area colleges and SUNY Buffalo Law School has been an important mechanism for growth, but the conversation needs to start in elementary school, said Joseph Hanna, a partner at Goldberg Segalla and chairman of its Diversity Task Force.

“I’m pleased with where we are and what we’ve accomplished,” said Hanna.

“I think that if we continue to work with the schools and build a foundation with these young men and women, allowing them the opportunity to see what lawyers actually do and learn from the things that we’re accomplishing in Western New York, we will be better than we were five years ago and then be even better 10 years from now.”

Attorney Stephanie Calhoun said she has been delighted to participate in programs that mentor youths. She recently was named to head the Minority Outreach Committee of the Erie County Bar Association.

“I think it’s important so that every student has that interaction, no matter how small,” said Calhoun, assistant New York attorney general and past president of the Minority Bar Association.

Attorney Jennifer Kimura of Housing Opportunities Made Equal said attorney outreach can make a real difference, pointing to the “Goldie Locks” outreach program for fifth- and sixth-graders.

“It’s important because if the young students aren’t exposed to the attorneys, they have no idea that this is an option for them,” Kimura said. “It’s important you start at a young age and then in high school, college and even for a new law student.

“Our focus has been to encourage and mentor,” she said.

Mentors needed; networking a must

When an individual completes high school and college and enters law school, a mentor can be critical, the panelists agreed.





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Winter Hours of Operation at the Tool Library

Please review our revised hours of operation, which will begin the week of December 15th.

REMINDER: If you are unavailable to return a tool at the posted times, please or call 716-510-1745 and leave a message to renew in order to avoid being charged a late fee.

Did you know the Tool Library is staffed entirely by volunteers? 

If you are interested in volunteering a few hours of your time please email, call, stop in or fill out the volunteer application on our website and learn how you can get involved.


This is the result of a University District Community meeting concerning 416 Kenmore, the former Dash Supermarket.
Mickey opened meeting at 7:05 pm.  Councilmen Wyatt should be thanked for bringing this issue to the attention of the community.  The first speaker was Roz from Merrimac who proposed The Heights plaza.   Her suggestion, as you can see, has Dash’s Storage Units AND a variety of other stores. Roz did her research, she checked with different stores in the community to find out if they would be interested in opening up on Kenmore and several said yes.  She suggests a nail salon, UPS, small super market and a massage parlor.
The property is not zoned for storage units at this time. This plaza would bring more jobs and more interest in the area so its a “win win” situation.

Other suggestions were the Farmers Market and Flea Market plus other seasonal stores.
Candy passed out petitions to be signed by people in our area concerning the building. There are other options that we can explore to help make this a “walkable area”.  Please take this petition around to your neighbors to sign or let Candy know if you need one or more  She will be glad to drop some off at your house. This is a bad time of year to have to go door to door but we need them ASAP to prove that the community wants to see more than a storage facility in that area. It was suggested that we invite Mr. Dash to another meeting and show him our suggestions. We need the petitions signed in time for the next UHC meeting which will be January 12, 2015.






Two of our own

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Aaron K and Darren Cotton who started the University Heights Tool Library were featured on Youtube in the Ted X 14 presentation regarding the Tool Library and it’s functions in the University District.  Below is the link to view Aaron and Darren’s part:





Did you know that on “big trash day” you cannot have trash obstructing the sidewalk or street?

Did you know that police, firemen, housing inspectors AND garbage men can “ticket” or fine a property for  too much garbage or  too heavy garbage?

Did you know that the fines can be up to $500.00?

Did you know that even though you are asked to have your big garbage out on Sunday of big trash week,  they city will come back on your regular garbage day to pick up more trash?

Did you know that you can put 2 large items out any garbage day?

Did you know that you cannot put electronics out for city garbage but it can be taken to 1120 Seneca street for disposal

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I would just like to thank Mike, Betsy, Tim, Christine, Danny, for the wonderful job that was done today at the triangle.  We weeded, put in 12 bags of mulch, and planted flowers.  The decorations from last year were added.  Anne E. mowed and watered the new plants when we were finished.  Judy had to work but gave a nice donation to our block club for future use.  It was a lot of hard work but the triangle looks great. To top it off, Mike put a U.S. Flag on the pole.   Hopefully next time more people will come out to help.  But this shows that people care about this area   Thanks again everyone.   John you would be proud of what was done  today    Candy


photo 2 unnamed unnamed1 unnamed3 unnamed4 unnamed5

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We have another resource for problem party houses in the community
Sheriff Howard urges concerned individuals who find underage drinking parties at homes in their neighborhood to call his toll free #
1 800 851 1932   He promises to send out a car anywhere in Erie County.  This is especially important for Halloween weekend.

Candy Hayes



International Cultural Festival to benefit Journey’s End Refugee Services.








A group of Heath Street residents worked at the Heath Mildred triangle to close it for the coming winter. I would like to thank those that gave up time on their holiday and especially John H who mowed and cared for the triangle so carefully all summer. Heath Street residents care

Cleanups!    Cleanups!    CLEANUPS!!
These are pictures of the wonderful UB students that cam out Saturday October 12 to clean up our area during the UB Gettin’ Dirty eventday. These guys and gals worked for this area cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. They picked up trash in the Heights and at Linear Park and other Pocket Parks and at the abutments. Graffiti was also cleaned and marked for further cleaning efforts. A big round of applause for Aaron Krolikowski and Darren Cotton from the tool library who spearheaded this event for our area.   You guys are keepers!

See pictures here:


Linear Park Cleanup

by admin September 27, 2013 Current Events

  Good morning to all: The Heath Street Block Club is having a cleanup at linear park on Saturday Oct 5 from  11am – 2pm   Students from UB will be working in conjunction with permanent residents to help us restore linear park.  Tools, gloves, cold water and garbage bags will be provided.   Please meet us […]

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Zombie Foreclosures

by admin September 19, 2013 Current Events

To all interested parties and please distribute as you see fit. Today’s court proceedings dealt with an all too common problem of foreclosed properties that the banks do not take possession of even after they get a Judgement of Foreclosure. These properties are referred to as “Zombie Foreclosures” which means that the bank keeps paying […]

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A gift for Bonnie Russell for helping us fix the triangle after the accident.    

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The Buffalo Story

by admin July 1, 2013 Current Events

Hi Friends, Our latest story delves into a topic oft-discussed in Buffalo: the decision many  expatriates make to move home after living in other cities. But instead of taking a bird’s-eye view, we tackle the subject from an intimate perspective. We bring you the story of Buffalo native Tommy Lombardo, who recently moved back after […]

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Linear Park Cleanup

by admin June 11, 2013 Current Events

Thank you to all the people who showed up for the Linear Park cleanup on Saturday.  More pictures here: Candy Hayes

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Thank you to Fast Signs

by admin June 6, 2013 Current Events

The Heath Street Block Club would like to the Fast Signs located on Sheridan for putting secure (one way) screws in our sign and for doing it quickly.  Thank you for a fast job

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Our Block Club Sign and Plants at the Triangle

by admin May 29, 2013 Current Events

On Memorial Day Christine J. and I had planned to go plant and flower shopping for the triangle where our block club sign is located.  Danny S volunteered to drive us because he has a truck.  We were able to purchase large bags of mulch, flats of colored flowers, a rose of Sharon and a […]

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The Buffalo Story Project: Goodbye, Stranger

by admin May 13, 2013 Current Events

Dear Friends, Our latest story provides a behind-the-scenes look at estate sales and the relationship between human and things. We tackle these themes through four short vignettes, which we hope you’ll enjoy! The story here: Goodbye, Stranger: The Sad, Joyful, Morbid, Thrilling World of Estate Sales Thanks, as always, for reading! Cheers, Charlotte

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BUFFALO NEWS     CITY AND REGION     5/10/13     9:07PM Mojo’s, a popular Main Street bar near the University at Buffalo’s South Campus was shut down Friday by the State Liquor Authority for alleged sales of alcohol to minors. Dennis Rosen, chair of the State Liquor Authority, an April 10 undercover check led to the bar’s latest problem. […]

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The Buffalo that does not appear on national TV.

by admin May 13, 2013 Current Events

Click on   BUFFALO – For Real

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IT’S BACK!!! Our block club sign at Heath and Mildred is back.   The triangle looked lonely without it.   But due to the generosity of our Council person Bonnie Russell, it has been replaced.  We are going to enter the Garden walk this year at the triangle and the sign is perfect as the backdrop to […]

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Written by a Lady Cop for Our Own Safety

by admin April 10, 2013 Current Events

Everyone   should take 5 minutes to read this. It may save your life or a loved one’s life. In daylight hours, refresh yourself of these things to do in an emergency situation… This is for you, and for you to share with your   wife, your children, & everyone you know. It never hurts […]

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UB Getting Dirty Event

by admin April 8, 2013 Current Events

“UB Getting Dirty” was held Saturday April 6 from 10:30 am- 1:30pm. The UB hockey team, swing group and 4 members of the physical therapy department worked at Linear Park  The physical therapists picked up trash all along the park from Custer to Merrimac and then picked up an entire winter’s worth of dog feces […]

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Next UHC Meeting: Please Join Us !

by admin April 5, 2013 Current Events

The next meeting of the UHC is on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 7:00pm at Gloria J. Parks Community Center located at 3242 Main Street.The  agenda for April’s meeting is as follows: Update on Rails to Trails Project (Jake or Ray) Update on Community Garden  (Mickey) PULL and UB Academies Update (Darren and Aaron) Tool Library Anti-Graffiti Initiative (Darren) Linear Park […]

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Heavy lifting by UB students aims to help revive the Heights neighborhood

by admin April 5, 2013 Current Events

See the story here:

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The Buffalo Story Project, Winter at Niagara Falls

by admin March 15, 2013 Current Events

Hi everyone, Our latest story interviews sightseers and wayfarers who dared to venture to Niagara Falls this cold and blustery winter: Winter at the Falls: Like No Place on Earth. It’s a shorter read than usual, with beautiful photos of the falls in winter, from both past and present. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Charlotte

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Spectrum Article Regarding Life in the Heights

by admin February 27, 2013 Current Events

Recently a University Student and Spectrum Reporter submitted an article regarding the University Heights that was very one sided and unflattering.  There was nothing about the positive aspects of living in the Heights, only the negative aspects. The UHC is working very hard to change some of the negative aspects and attitudes regarding the Heights. […]

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University Heights Vignettes

by admin February 26, 2013 Current Events

We are looking forward to University of Buffalo Students working with Performing Arts students and staff to produce more vignettes in the future.   These will include churches in the Heights area, established business and new businesses coming into our area.   If you have an idea or would like to see your  business showcased on […]

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